Afk arena mod apk latest version 2022 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Afk arena mod apk

Afk arena mod apk is a strategy game by Lilith games. Lilith games are world-famous for their award-winning games; afk arena mod apk is one of their best games as 10 million + users download it. It is a single-player game. The game is super duper fun between the characters, collection/levelling, and various forms of combat, adventure, and events.


There are coins and diamonds to buy characters and heroes. Still, in this mod, you’re going to all the premium stuff for free. There are worldwide chats, so you can contact the others and get some new tips on improving your gameplay and challenging them. You can buy extra skins and characters to give your gameplay a different look. You can buy them with coins and diamonds, which you’re going to have accessible in our afk arena mod apk. There are over 100 heroes you can build conclusive formation and battle through the top. Build a formation of your best heroes to win the battle. There are different titles of heroes according to their specialty.

Unlimited coins and Diamonds:

Diamonds are significant in afk arena mod apk. Players can collect a small number of diamonds in-game for free, but we can also get diamonds with money; we’ve brought you a mod in which you get absolutely for free, yeah, you heard right, absolutely free. So why get worried about diamonds when apkranch is here for you to provide the best and safe mods.

Diamonds are used to summon heroes, additional chest rewards. A hero is reset to its original form by spending 20 diamonds. 

There is a store in apk arena mod apk where you can spend your gold and diamonds to buy gear, gear tickets, heroes essence; there are different types of stores.

  • Guild Store In this store, items are bought with guild tokens; the player can get guild in guild hunts, a player may build a guild by spending 500 diamonds.
  • Barracks Store: It offers rare and elite heroes soul stones. You need soul stones to summon a hero.
  • Labyrinth Store: Similar to barracks store, it’s limited to hero soul stones and heroes.

Golds are used to level heroes upgrade their heroes

You can get both gold and diamonds for free unlimited gold and diamonds.

Unlock all heroes:

You can find the best heroes in the AFK Arena mod apk! You’ll be a pro by unlocking them and making use of their many features.

No Ads 

Afk arena mod apk is without ads because ads disturb your gameplay, and we care about your experience. Our mod is without ads.


AFK Arena mod apk is a real-time combat is similar to RPGs. You will see 2 bars with your characters; one will represent their HP and the other for Ultimate Meter. Once you start fighting against an enemy squad, your attacking side will work automatically. At the same time, the opponent defends by themselves as well! As time passes in a fight, both sides attack each other until someone falls from lack of health. Or, when they have filled up on enough ultimate points, they can unleash devastating attacks that will lead them to victory!

In the AFK arena hack, there are 2 different meters at play: The first bar represents the character’s HP. And fills gradually over time or after receiving damage (just like classic RPG games!) With every hit taken, our characters decrease a little bit more. The game is one of the best games to play because you can use surprising skills on your keyboard or mouse once it’s filled. These skills will be shocking for the enemy squad and vary from hero to hero, but they are accommodating!.

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Download afk arena mod apk (unlimited diamonds)

Afk arena mod apk is one of the best android games of today’s century. It became popular because of its high-quality graphics and its smooth controls. You will experience a real-life show while playing it. So, don’t wait. Just press the download button.

How to download afk arena mod apk?

The installation process for the AFK Arena mod apk file is very easy. Just click on the download button below and wait until it’s done downloading, then open up your Android device to install this fun new app! You’llYou’ll follow a few simple steps from there by following instructions. Inside of that, you start playing right away with all these excellent features after installing them onto your favourite mobile games like Pokemon Go or Clash Royale just in time for summertime gameplay.


What will I get in this mod apk?

It was time to take the world by storm and make it our power tool. We unlocked all the premium items that help you build your Power Hero Army, including God Mode, Unlimited Diamonds, Deluxe Monthly Subscriptions, for free of cost! This game also comes with regular updates as a bonus, so there’s always something new around every corner. With these features in place, this fantastic game is destined to be one of your favourites too!

Is this mod safe to install?

AFK Arena Mod Apk is 100% safe and secure to use on any android device. The mod application has been tested by experts with various types of premium antivirus so that you can play this game without worrying about your privacy or security.


The best things of afk arena mod apk are already explained over. So, there’s no need to read any further. Just press the download button and enjoy.

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