Baseball 9 mod apk latest version 2022 (Unlimited diamonds

Baseball 9 mod apk

Baseball is a trendy game in the U.S and East Asian countries. One might not have played baseball in real life, so Baseball 9 mod apk provides you with the chance to play it on your mobiles or tablets. Besides playing the matches and scoring some runs, you will have to manage your team, customize your players, and much more. You will have to recruit and train the newbies. Play the game and be victorious. Baseball 9 apk download will let you download and play the game.

“Baseball is by far one of the most beloved sports in United States and other countries in East Asia. It was invented in 1869, the exact origin still being unknown to this day; however, it has been widely welcomed among many since its creation thanks to its deep roots in American culture. While this fast-paced sport has grown exponentially over time, it still holds true to its origins as a sport that can be enjoyed both on a professional level and also casually as a pick up game.

Its associations with American heritage have made it widely popular and therefore requires little introduction: imagine a good ole days picnic celebrating the very first professional match and you’ll see what we mean! Nonetheless, with how radically technology is changing we are proud to bring our readers this article introducing baseball 9 – a brand new mobile game your friends will no doubt ask you about at some point or another!”


  • The game controls do not lag, and the gameplay is impressive.
  • You can have a variety of players with a variety of modes.
  • And you will be able to give different modes to the ball.
  • You can choose the level of power with which you will hit the ball.
  • A player can choose to run manually or automatically after hitting the ball.
  • You can customize your player, i.e., rename, batting side (left-handed or right-handed), and others.
  • You can see the player stats to get an idea of their performance.
  • Available in online as well as offline mode.
  • More suitable for mobiles and tablets.

Graphics and Visual Quality

The graphics of Baseball 9 mod apk are very smooth and somewhat realistic. They are eye-catchy. That’s why people remain hooked to the game for hours. Moreover, the sound quality of the game is good that makes it more interesting.

No ads

Are you tired of in-game ads too? Then download Baseball 9 mod apk to get rid of ads and enjoy smooth gameplay.

Free to download and play

By downloading Baseball 9 apk download, you will know that our provided mod is free to download, and you will not have to pay for anything to play. Baseball 9 hack apk offers you an unlimited amount of money.

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Unlimited coins:

The in-app purchases can range fromRs.200.00 to Rs.10,400.00 per item. But by downloading Baseball 9 mod apk unlimited diamonds, you can see a large number of coins, gems, and energy on your dashboard.


In Baseball 9 mod apk, you will experience batting and pitching even if you have never played baseball before. The game might be challenging for you if you are a rookie, but soon you will be able to play it like a pro if you keep on practicing. You will take part in league matches and defeat the opponent to be the No.1 team.

There will be many players shown to you, and you can recruit them based on their stats. If their stats are good enough, then don’t take a second and recruit them immediately. After that, you can upgrade their skills furthermore. Only you can turn an ordinary player into a celebrity sports star with keenness and endless practice.

You have the choice to rename the players and choose if they will be left or right-handed batsmen. You can customize their physical appearances as well. And you can equip different kinds of bats, gloves, and glasses.

Online Mode

You can play this game online if you have an internet connection.

Offline Mode

No internet connection? No worries!! This game is available in offline mode as well. That’s the best thing about this game.

Additional information:

  • Game name: BASEBALL 9
  • Version:1.8.0
  • Size: 138 MB
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Developer: Playus soft
  • Released on:15May 2019

Download Baseball 9 mod apk latest version (Unlimited Diamonds)

If your team is well organized, you can conquer tournaments and leagues and be the top-ranked team. If you are new to the game, select accessible mode and after practicing, start upgrading your level.

Baseball 9 mod apk is one of the most popular games. To enjoy this game, download the mod file. Follow the below-mentioned steps to install the game:

How to install Baseball 9 mod apk?

  • Download the mod file from the link provided above.
  • You will see an option saying, “download from unknown sources.” Click on it.
  • Choose the “Install” button in the drop-down menu.
  • There will be two options available after the installation process: done or open
  • Click on open and start playing.
  •  Enjoy.


Is this game free to download?

Yes, this game is free to download. After downloading, you will also get unlimited coins and gems free of cost.

Is the PC version available? 

No, this is a mobile game. But to download on PC, you will have to download an emulator first.

Is it safe to install Baseball 9 mod apk?

Yes, this mod is safe to install. That’s why we are offering this mod. Don’t worry and download the mod file.

Is the game available offline?

Yes, offline mode is available, making the game worth playing.


Baseball 9 mod apk is a very intriguing game. You should experience it once, and you would love it. The game has 3D graphics making it even more enjoyable. Train yourself, and you can easily win matches. Also, you get rewards after finishing each match. So, download and play this game, and if you enjoy then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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