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Carrom Pool mod apk is an easy multiplayer sport game. This game got fame due to its high-end level graphics and its developer,
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Carrom Pool MOD apk

Carrom Pool mod apk is an easy multiplayer sports game. This game got fame due to its high-end level graphics and its developer, You can download it from play store but you will not get any kind of unlimited coins and gems. If you download carrom pool mod from our website then it will give you unlimited resources for free.

Carrom is another table game that you may want to consider adding to your list of fun games for a poker night. You’ll need to gather up your cards if you’d like to play, as well as some counters or other counting devices. You could also use any number of common items found at home. sticks of firewood for example, or coins.

When boredom hits you hard, there are a million and one things a person can do to add some sort of excitement to life. You can watch a movie, watch a television show, or even read a book…but you can only watch or read the same thing so many times before it becomes boring. You can also play board games or cards, but you always need other people to make it work. You may choose to go out and do things i.e., shopping, dining…but it can be pricey; you may not want to go out on your own; it may be inconvenient to leave the house, or it may be raining or hailing outside and that’s not ideal weather for an outing.

Original carrom disc pool mod apk game is available on google play store, today we are sharing the full apk of carrom and also unlimited mod version with free gems coins cash in that app. This is an addictive pool game which completely based on billiard and snooker rules so you can be able to learn this pool game easily. This mod apk works fine and have no bugs or virus issues in that game so you can enjoy unlimited cash gold coins gems on this game.

The best alternative is the carrom pool hack mod apk if you want to play an online board game. Carrom Pool apk is a multiplayer game and very simple to play. It requires you to place the same-colored tiles in each of the holes on the board so it is very much similar to the original pool. This game is well-known for its high-end graphics. The developer of this game is

In this carrom pool mod apk latest version, you will find discs that needed to be pot to win the game. As this is a multiplayer online game, for winning the game, you must be the first to pot the discs. You can earn limitless coins by installing carrom pool hack unlimited coins and gems to buy premium strikers, characters, and boards, among other things. So, without wasting any time, go ahead and download the game from the URL provided above.


carrom pool hack unlimited coins and gems apk download to get the following amazing features:
  • You can play multiplayer matches.
  • Carrom pool disc has 2 modes; Carrom and disc pool.
  • There is an option to play with your friends.
  • You can easily compete with the top players.
  • Win big prizes by trying your luck at daily free golden shots.
  • You can play in great arenas around the world.
  • Enjoy the smooth controls and realistic graphics.
  • Get unlimited strikers and pucks for great gameplay.
  • Get exciting rewards by winning the chests.
  • You can upgrade your strikers to play great shots.
  • Get an offline mode.

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Carrom Pool MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • No ads
  • Unlimited Coins

Unlimited money

You will find many paid items. And you will need money to unlock them. No need to worry as carrom disc pool hack provides you unlimited money to buy all these items for free. You just have this file and all the premium items will be free.

Unlimited Gems

You can win many rewards by unlocking the chests. But you need unlimited gems to unlock more chests to get more rewards. So by installing the carrom pool mod apk unlimited coins and gems download new version you will have unlimited gems.

No ads

The majority of users are tired of closing the ads within their games that are either sticky or take over the screen when users try and go about their gaming business. Do not fret, carrom disc pool mod apk (unlimited money and gems) MOD will help you get rid of these annoying and intrusive advertisements by literally removing them from your screen.

Unlocked All Premium Feature

Gems are a type of money that you can use on the game. Because you can unlock more options when you have enough gems. But the question is how can you get more gems on the game? The answer is the more games you win the more games you will earn. If you lose a game you will lose some of your gems. But carrom pool hack unlimited coins and gems latest version on our website gives you unlimited gems for free.

Buy items from the shop

Whenever you open the game, you will see a specific section for buying items. You will see many chests, pro chests, gems, strikers and pucks. To avail of all these, you have to buy them by spending money. But you will get unlimited money for free to unlock these items from our provided mod version.

Additional information:

  • Game name: Carrom Pool
  • Version: 5.3.7
  • Size: 32.21 MBs 
  • Updated on: two days ago
  • Downloads: 100M+
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Developer:
  • Released on: 12 November 2018

Carrom Pool MOD APK Graphics

The graphics and sounds of Carrom Pool MOD APK make it an enjoyable game. The particle effects and details on the table look very three-dimensional. You can choose from multiple cues as well as different tables to play with which help create a more interesting game experience. The pool theme is a nice change of pace without losing the strategy developed over years of playing this classic game. Some even say that carrom pool mod apk download has improved their real life Snooker skills!


Let’s discuss the gameplay of the Carrom Pool MOD version. This is a multiplayer tabletop game. These are normally played on tables or flat surfaces. But this is an online mobile game. You will see a board surface on your mobile screen with discs placed on the board.


This game is also fun to play with friends and family! Another thing that’s fun about it is that it comes with multiplayer gameplay, meaning you and other players can have a great time playing carrom together right in the comfort of your own home!

Different Game Modes To Enjoy

Starting out, Android users can really enjoy their exciting gameplay of the Carrom Pool board game either in Indian Carrom Mode or Disc Pool Mode. You are welcome to have fun with the traditional Indian gameplay or discover the revamped mobile board games for both the Carrom and Disc pool modes. Either way, you’re always going to find this new experience to be a lot of fun to play!

Online mode

To compete with your friends or players around the world then you’ll play the online mode. For online mode, you should have a stable internet connection to play. In this mode, you can challenge and play with random players around the world. You can choose different venues to play. This is the best mode and a great feature of this game.

Offline mode

If you don’t have an Internet connection or don’t want to play with your friends, you can choose offline. Here your opponent will be the computer. You will play against the computer. This is also a good mode.

Play carrom

In this game mode, you’ll choose the number of coins for the challenge. The amount of challenging coins varies with venues like Paris, Delhi, Dubai, New York, London, etc. There are 13 troops. One of them is red. The Player has to eat it before the opponent in the end. Otherwise, the opponent will pot and win the game.

Play Disc Pool:

Another game mode is play disc pool, this is the same as “Play carrom” but there is one change; instead of 13, there are 12 troops of two colors e.g. white and black. Venues are also the same. Here the player has to pot discs of his part to win the game.

Practice mode:

This is also the carrom pool mod apk hack mode, as you can imagine what will be in this game mode from its name. This is a free mode. You can practice improving your game. There is no chance of losing money.  So,

carrom pool mod apk unlimited coins and gems download from our website to make your time enjoyful.

Sound and Music

In an effort to make this as immersive an experience as possible, we invite you to become absorbed in the increasingly addictive gameplay of Carrom Pool Disc Game. The game features a ton of different and uncanny sound effects that will take you on a journey.

Why Should You Play Carrom Pool?

So, an important question that may come to your mind that why should you play online carrom pool instead of going out for movies? Here are some of the reasons to answer your query:

  • Carrom Pool is a convenient online game that can be played at any time of the day (morning, evening, night) according to one’s comfort. You may play it in your own home, on your gadget. You don’t need to get dressed, do your hair, or even bathe (though, hygienically, this is recommended!).
  • It’s free to play – Even in difficult economic times, when every dollar counts and spending money on games is like a big no, you may still have fun as it’s free.
  • It provides hours of entertainment – allow you to put your talents and wits to the test against your opponent player or computer, so don’t just sit and watch TV while your brain rots away – use it.
  • Who doesn’t like to win, and of course, one can’t deny the thrill of victory. This game provides a natural hype that might improve your self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Tips & Tricks for Carrom Pool

This game can be challenging for newcomers, but there is nothing to worry about. Here are some tips and tricks for novice players to make quick progress in the game.

Play Freestyle to improve skills

Disc pool, carrom, and Freestyle are the three-game modes offered, and each has rules and regulations. By far, the easiest option for newcomers to get a feel for the game’s mechanics and fundamental strategy is Freestyle. Players must obtain 120 points in this mode and are not restricted to using either a black or white puck. This makes it simpler for new gamers to get started.

Reduce the number of fouls

If your striker ended up in a pocket, this would be a foul. You will not only lose any pucks you pocketed during the strike, but you will also be penalized for losing your last puck. It has the probability to swing your game around and cause you to lose a game that you were about to win. So be cautious to avoid making such errors.

Play the Beginners Lobby in Paris

To enter a lobby, a player must pay an entry fee. But a new player may not have enough coins to pay for these lobbies for each match. So, it is advised that players stay in the Paris lobby in the starting matches, as it has inexpensive entry fees and attracts new players of similar skill levels.

Tips to get the Queen in Carrom Pool

A queen can turn the game around, but it is crucial to know the right approach to go after it. Players should only go after the queen if they are sure they will pocket a puck on the next stroke. When both the queen and the puck are comfortable to pocket, players should be on the alert.

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Download Carrom pool mod apk latest version 2022 (unlimited coins and gems)

Carrom pool mod apk download latest version has been provided by our team. The game is specially modified for you to have unlimited coins and gems in the game. You can choose different types of boards to play and it also comes with unlimited coins, gems and other resources.

Carrom pool mod apk lies in sport base games. has developed it in high-quality graphics with unlimited features. You will love the graphics. The user experience is fully optimized. The features of this game are unbelievable. In short, this is one of the best sports games with over 100 millions+ downloads. So don’t waste your time and download the game.

How to install carrom pool mod apk?

  • First of all download the mod file from the link provided over the top.
  • Allow the installation from unknown sources in the setting.
  • Now open the downloaded file and click to install.
  • Now the game is installed and you’ll see two options either done or open.
  • Choose open and here we go.
  • Enjoy!


You don’t need a high storage gadget to Carrom Pool MOD apk download. It’s small and can operate on any mobile device. This game can even be downloaded on mobiles with a RAM of only 512MB. However, an Android version of 4.1 or above is required by the game’s official developer.


How do I download the carrom disc pool mod apk?

The link to download the game is given in the top section. You will see the download button there.

How do you get unlimited gems and coins in Carrom Pool?

When you install our provided mod file, you’ll get unlimited gems and coins. You will see a lot of money in the game dashboard.

Is carrom pool mod apk safe to install?

Our website provides the safest installation files. No need to worry, just press the download button and enjoy.

Can we buy items free of cost in Carrom disc pool mod apk?

No, the in-app purchase in-game ranges from Rs. 105.00 to Rs. 9,900.00. But if you download the mod file, we have provided then you will not have to pay any price.


It is one of the most popular games among individuals of all ages. If you enjoy playing real carrom but are unable to meet your pals and play physically owing to a hectic schedule, then Carrom Pool mod apk is the best alternative. You can play online with your friends and people around the globe. This game has simple controls for those who enjoy playing it. Aside, it has a lot of amazing features modes. You can also choose between novice, midlevel, and expert difficulty levels.

Moreover, the carrom disc pool mod apk is now also available for download on PC via an emulator and from the Windows Store. So, what do you have to lose? Follow the instructions to begin playing this fun game. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and on social media. Thank you very much!

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  1. - Supporting the Arabic language
    - Bug entire fixes and performance improvements



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