Cooking Madness MOD apk V2.1.4 (Unlimited Diamonds) download

Cooking games are said to be a very popular genre of gaming. It provides you peace in your leisure time. Some people don’t like to play fighting games for the sake of calmness. So, today we are bringing you a very exciting game named, Cooking Madness mod apk. You will play the game as a chef. But remember a chef’s job is never easy. You have to hard work, make early preparations, and provide considerate services to the customers. 

Despite these responsibilities, this game is extremely fun to play. You will initially get a small restaurant that isn’t in good condition. The restaurant has bad management, lack of interest of customers, high cost. As now you have taken the command, it will be your responsibility to make your business thrive. You will start cooking madly as soon as you enter the game. give your restaurant an aesthetic look and design the menu. The customers will keep on coming. You have to work at a fast speed to engage everyone. Remember, don’t disappoint any of the customers. Also, you will have a chance to locate your restaurant’s branches in different parts of the world.

With time, you have to upgrade everything such as kitchen items, staff, restaurant interior. It will help you in working more smoothly. What are you waiting for? Download Cooking Madness mod apk right now and start making delicious meals. 


Cooking madness has the following brilliant features:

  • Get to know about new restaurants all over the world.
  • You will receive cooking tips to enhance your skills.
  • You can open your restaurants anywhere by collecting key cards.
  • Upgradation of kitchen and its equipment is a necessary thing to do.
  • You will complete several missions to get more skills and awards.
  • The game includes many fun-filled levels.
  • Make your customer happy to receive a tip. Moreover, you will get a bonus for quick service.
  • The sound quality and graphics of the game are good.

Download the Cooking madness game and have a good time. 

Graphics and Sound Quality:

The cartoonish graphics of this game are very interesting. It can easily grab anyone’s attention. The number of downloads is proof of this. People from any age bracket can enjoy the game. Feel free to participate in the epic gameplay of Cooking Madness mod apk.

Also, the sound quality of the game is excellent. It will keep you involved in the game throughout. The beep sound made by the oven, the sound when the order is ready, etc., everything feels to be real. You can calm yourself with soothing soundtracks as well.

No Ads:

It’s understandable if in-game advertisements upset you. Because this is the primary source of dissatisfaction for all of the participants. Advertisements pop up often in the game, causing it to become unplayable. We came up with a viable remedy. Cooking madness cheat is a mod that allows players to play without being distracted by advertisements. You can now focus solely on the game.

Unlimited Money:

It is necessary to upgrade things in the game regularly i.e., the staff, culinary items, kitchen’s interior, etc. but for all this, you need to have a handsome amount of money. The rewards you get after completing levels and challenges are not enough to upgrade things. That’s why Cooking Madness unlimited everything mod offers you an infinite amount of money. You no longer have to wait to upgrade things.

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Unlocked Everything

Cooking Madness mod apk everything unlocked is here for you if you want to access all of the game’s premium features without paying any money. You no longer have to spend money on purchases. This mod will benefit a large number of people, as not everyone can afford to spend money on video games. Isn’t it fantastic?


You will find yourself playing the role of a chef whose responsibility is to make delicious meals and satisfy the customers. This will help your restaurant to become the most famous in the town. Besides cooking, you will have to give special attention to serving the food as well. The customers will keep on coming. You have to madly keep on making food to meet the demand. That’s why the game is named Cooking Madness. Serve the food before the time is up. Otherwise, the customer may get disappointed and leave for somewhere else. 

The interesting thing about the game is that you will participate in different cooking contests taking place in different regions. You will make signature dishes of those regions and satisfy the taste buds of the customers. Serve the best thing that you have to offer to win the competitions. 

Complete a variety of challenging tasks to get money as a reward. Use it to make in-game purchases. Several fun-filled levels will also be available. Complete them as well.

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Additional information:

  • Game Name: Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Size: 152 MB
  • Updated on: 29 Sep 2021
  • Downloads: 100M+
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Developer: ZenLife Games Ltd
  • Released on:30Sep 2017
  • Download Cooking Madness mod apk(Latest Version)

Cooking Madness game mod is an addictive cooking game developed by ZenLife Games Ltd with more than 100 million downloads. Cook, serve, and satisfy your customer to flourish in this business. You will start from a small restaurant. With your hard work, you can expand it and open many new restaurants all around the world. Participate in events and complete challenges. Without further delay, download Cooking Madness mod apk and experience how it feels to be a famous chef. The below-mentioned steps will help you to download the game:

How to install the Cooking Madness mod apk?

  • The mod file may be downloaded from the above-mentioned URL.
  • From the drop-down box, choose “download from unknown sources.”
  • Select the “Install” option next.
  • You will be offered two options when the installation is complete: done or open.
  • Click open if you want to start playing straight away. Otherwise, click done.
  • Have a great time!!


Is cooking madness cheat available offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline and enjoy it. But you need to have an internet connection if you want to participate in events.

Is cooking madness mod apk free to download?

Yes, you may get this game for free. Despite the game’s amazing features, it is still available for free download. Isn’t it the most wonderful thing?

Is cooking madness mod apk safe to install?

Installing this game on your devices is completely safe. We guarantee that your device will not be infected with a virus. There’s no reason to be concerned. Relax and take in the game.

What should I download this mod version of cooking madness?

This mod provides limitless in-game money, which is required to improve various things. On the game’s dashboard, they can be seen. Furthermore, you will be able to play without being interrupted by advertisements. You will also get all premium features unlocked without having to pay anything.


Cooking Madness mod apk is somewhat similar to the Cooking Fever game. The game’s addictive gameplay has made it an extremely popular game. The controls of the game are simple. The sound quality and graphics contribute well to the success of this game. As a chef, complete all your responsibilities to make your restaurant famous. Everything in the game is offered to you for free. You will experience ad-free gameplay. All the premium features will be unlocked. You should focus only on making delicious dishes and making your customers happy. Download Cooking Madness mod apk and experience the epic gameplay today. See, if you got the skills of a chef. If you enjoyed it then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Visit our site regularly to get to know about more fun-filled games.

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