Dragon City mod apk latest version 2022 (Unlimited food & gems)

Dragon city mod apk

Dragon city mod apk is now available for dragon lovers. Now you can build your dragon city, and you will get a small whom you will grow.

Here dragon city hack apk collect and breed millions of adorable dragons. Train them according to your choice, treat them well, make them grow and evolve, and make them able to fight with another dragon so you can build your dragon world. Build a Dragon City and fill it with farms, habitats and buildings for your dragons to live in! Collect cute babies then turn them into adult battling beasts! Or upgrade them so they can defend you against other players during PvP!

Dragon City used to take forever to download and play because it was a very slow app. Now that I actually have it in my hands, I don’t really like how your army only wins in a handful of battles you fight on any given level. I understand the items are free but the only way you can even buy them is if you beat certain war levels. That makes this type of mobile game unfavorable for people (like me) who don’t find those levels fun or worth their time – because they’re not willing to waste hours upon hours playing them! With free gems dragon city, you will be able to get unlimited gems. Our dragon city mod apk version will give you unlimited everything you need to play the game.


  • Get your dragon, breed them and collect them to make your dragon city.
  • End of every week, there is a special event in which new dragons join the breeding event and island.
  • You can change the skin of dragons from a special event.
  • Adventure through the dragon quest and quarrel with other dragons in games pvp’s arena to collect different types of dragons
  • Claim warrior’s chest and climb up the leaderboard 
  • Summon dragons into your dragon city from the magical world.
  • You can also try their skills.
  • Empower your dragons by collecting orbs. See their strength grow in the battleground.
  • You can also unlock advanced game features such as ancient world and can make your guardian dragon tower.
  • Another fantastic feature of the game is joining the Alliance to battle with another dragon; you can chat with them.
  • You can also open alliance chests and trade orbs in the trading hub.

Unlimited gems:

This game is free, but you can also get it in purchase with money and buy gems.

Herewith our dragon city mod apk, you will get unlimited gems free. With unlimited gems, you can better play this game and collect hundreds of dragons and change your dragon’s skin. You need to download dragon city mod apk.

Unlimited food:

You feed your dragons to grow them and make them robust and fight in battle in the game. By downloading dragon city food cheat, you will get unlimited free foods for your dragons.

Unlimited Gold:

By buying gold from the shop, you can unlock new features such as habitats in your dragon city. To open sea habitat, terrain habitat etc., you need to buy gold. Similarly, to unlock other forms of dragons like sea dragons, nature dragons, you need gold.

With our jewel dragon city mod apk, you will get unlimited free gold to unlock these features.

Unlimited everything: 

As you reach high levels in the game, many features get unlocked. However, to complete levels soon and reach to expert level, you will need a lot of gold, gems, food and orbs.

No need to worry about that because our dragon city unlimited everything mod will provide you with unlimited gold, gems, goods, orbs and everything you will need.

No ads:

Ads are the biggest problem in the smooth running of the game. Many people get tired of these ads as these ads are annoying and distract attention while playing the game. Now you don’t have to worry. You are just one click away to get rid of this problem. Download our dragon city mod apk now and get ads free game.

Buy items from the shop:

When you play this game, you will see a section for buying the item. You can purchase food, gems, gold and orbs by that section. However, download the dragon city hack apk with our provided link to get all these items for free.


This game is for dragon lovers. Here, all you need in this game is patience because of events, egg hatching and breeding. Now discuss the gameplay of the dragon city mod apk.

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First of all game start with the tutorial. In this tutorial, first, we are provided with flame dragon and flame habitat. Dues teach us how to hatch dragons and place habitats. Similarly, it also teaches us how to place other habitats.

Feed dragon: 

In this game, you will get a small dragon. You will have to feed it to make it grow and stronger to fight in Arenas and quests. With every level, the cost of food also increases.

Food farms:

Food farm has three levels which your game level can increase with the increase of food farm. The quantity of goods to feed the dragon also increases.

Build dragon city: 

To build a dragon city, we need to buy an island. Then we have to remove the bushes, trees and rocks by using gold—dragons male gold at the per minute rate.

Collect 1000’s dragons: 

You can collect thousands of dragons by breeding and high reality dragons at the weekly events. Heroic races can only get heroic dragons. Brave dragons have the highest reality, and one heroic dragon is equal to two epic dragons.

Tree of life:

In the tree of life, we can summon dragons by orbs gotten from events. We need 100 dragon’s balls to summon one dragon, but high octane titan dragon needs 500 orbs to be called.


Alliance open at 16th level. In Alliance, we can join worldwide clans, chat with the members of clans, and get Alliance’s chest by points gained by the clan members.

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Additional information:

  • Game name: Dragon City
  • Version:12.2.2
  • Size:282.8 MB
  • Downloads: 132 M
  • Rating:4.8/5
  • Updated:30 June 2021
  • Developer: Social point
  • Game type: simulation 
  • Released on: May 8, 2012

Download Dragon city mod apk latest version ( unlimited Gems, Gold and food)

Dragon city mod apk is a game for people who love to grow dragons. This game is famous for increasing dragons, making a dragon city of your choice, and collecting adorable dragons. If you are a dragon lover, then don’t waste your time and download the game ASAP.

How to install dragon city mod apk?

  • First, you need to download the mod file from the link provided at the top.
  • Go to settings, Allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Now open the downloaded file, now click to install.
  • Now you have installed the game, you can open it now.
  • Open the game and play.


How do I download dragon city mod apk?

At the top, a link is given to download the game. You will see the download button there.

How do you get unlimited gems, gold, food and orbs in dragon city?

You can get all these things by downloading the dragon city mod apk by the link provided above and can enjoy!

Is it safe to install?

We ensure the safety of our files. Our website provides the safest installation. So, you don’t have to worry; click on the download button and make your dragon city.


You can get unlimited everything by downloading the dragon city mod apk file from our website to enjoy the game. If you like this game, check out other games on our website. Our website provides safe mod apk versions of games.

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