FreeStore APK 2022 (Latest Version) Download for Android

In this modern era of technology and the internet, who doesn’t use a smartphone? And when you use a phone, you download apps. Mobile games are top-rated among individuals. In Google Play Store, you can download some games for free, and some games require money to download. The games with epic gameplay usually require money as they are good as compared to others. The gamers who cannot afford to spend money on games, the FreeStore apk is here for your service.

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FreeStore apk is an application that allows people to download and use the premium application without spending a cent. Isn’t that great? There are many applications and software that provide free online and offline games, but the Free Store apk is the most reliable. Usually, it is said that games are just a waste of time. But let us tell you that many people earn from these mobile games in this era. Moreover, if someone wants to have fun in their leisure time, there is nothing wrong with playing games. But yeah, there should be a limit to everything you do.

FreeStore APK

FreeStore apk is not in the market to compete Play Store. Also, it’s not the alternative. But you can download the premium version of games from this app that too free of cost. Also, some apps are not available on Play Store. You can easily search them on the FreeStoreapk.

One more thing, some games cannot be downloaded on phones because of their compatibility issues. However, using the FreeStore apk, you can easily download apps and games without facing any compatibility issues. Its user interface is very friendly. You can change the theme and background according to your choice. Download FreeStore apk free download right now. You can also download now Pokemon Go Mod Apk from our website.

FreeStore apk download


  • It is an android app and is used to download apps and games.
  • This application is completely free to download.
  • Any game or app you search for can be downloaded for free.
  • Premium, pro, and cracked versions of apps are available for free.
  • You can search for any app or game under a specific category.
  • You will be kept updated about all the updates of this application.
  • The user interface is very friendly. You can change the theme and background as per your choice.
  • A whopping number of apps and games are available (more than 1 million).
  • It is not required to root your device for downloading.
  • This application does not have compatibility issues. It can be downloaded on phones and tablets. To get this on your android phones, click on FreeStore download android.
  • The apps respond quickly and download the app at a fast speed.
  • This app takes very little space in your phone, i.e., just 4.7 MB.
  • It is safe to download this file. No virus is there to harm your gadgets.

These were the basic features of this app. Download Free Store and discovers many more. The FreeStore latest version is also available now.

How to Download FreeStore apk?

In this section, we will tell you how to download FreeStore APK. You can download the FreeStore APK by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, you have to delete the play store version from your gadget.
  • Then download the APK file from the provided link below:
  • Click the option “download from unknown sources.”
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • Following this, click on the “Install” button in the drop-down menu.
App Installing
App Installing
  • Two options can be seen after the installation process: done or open.
App Installed
App Installed
  • Click open if you want to play right away. Click done if you’re going to play another time.
  • Enjoy!!!

How to Download Apps and Games from FreeStore?

After successfully installing the FreeStore apk, you must now know how to download apps in FreeStore. As it is suggested by the name; free store free download:

  • Open the downloaded apk file.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions and give all the required permissions.
  • Click on the search button at the top and enter the name of the required app or game.
  • Then click on the “Download” button.
  • You have to install the apk files manually.
  • Go to File manager and click on the apk you just downloaded.
  • Click install and enjoy your time.

Necessities for FreeStore APK:

  • The FreeStore apk app is compatible with devices of 2.2 version or up.
  • It requires only 4.7 MB of space.
  • You need to delete the Play Store to download FreeStore. No money is required for its installation.
  • You don’t even have to register through any email.

Pros and Cons of FreeStore APK:


  • Download any of the versions of the FreeStore apk as per your choice and need from FreeStore download.
  • You can instantly download apps and games without waiting for the review process.
  • After downloading, an apk file is stored in the system memory. You can uninstall and reinstall the app without downloading again and again.


  • Downloading from the third-party app is not checked by Google. So, it can be harmful to your device.
  • Apk files may steal your data or damage the device.
  • You will have to update your files manually. It doesn’t have an option of automatically updating like the Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

APK is an Android package format file application used by operating systems for middleware distribution and installation of applications.

Free Store apk doesn’t harm your device. Keeping your devices protected is its highest priority. Just download FreeStore and enjoy your favorite apps.

As its name suggests, the FreeStore apk is free to download. You can download more than one million apps without paying a cent.

If you read the article, you would know about the so many advantages of the FreeStoreapk. It’s worth it. That’s why we suggested you this app. Download it right now by clicking on FreeStore app download.

No, it is not required to root for your device for downloading this app. Moreover, you don’t have to go through any registration process to download.

Is Free Store Illegal?

The question that might pop up in your mind is, “Is Free Store apk illegal”? If Google Play Store offers us paid apps, then why would any application offer us the same apps for free. Because Play Store has all the copyrights of apps, is this app even authentic? All these questions are valid. Free Store apk has provided all the games by doing an agreement with the Play Store. Anything in this world doesn’t come for free. There are many hidden things. In this case of the FreeStore apk, you will see many advertisements and pop-ups that would appear repeatedly. Even sometimes, files could infect your device. This happens less often. Those who don’t want to spend money on paid apps would bear up with these things. Shortly, FreeStore Apk is not an illegal application.


Many people consider games just a waste of time. However, games play an essential role in shaping one’s skills. Never stop children or anyone from playing online games because research shows that people who play online games are smarter than their fellows. Now obviously, this doesn’t mean you keep yourself indulged in the game all the time. Now, the question comes where to find some fantastic games which can be download for free.

We have already told you the answer in the above article that the FreeStore apk is the place. Now you don’t have to worry about spending money on games. Just download FreeStore and enjoy any app or game for free. If you like this app, then ask your friends and family to download this fantastic app too. Share the happiness.

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