Granny MOD apk V1.7.9 ( Unlimited Everything) Download

Thrill and horror games are a genre of great interest. It is difficult to find a game that is horror in the true sense. If you are searching for such a game and you find yourself on this page, then cheers you are in the right place. Today, we are going to introduce you to the widely popular game, Granny Outwitt mod apk. You will go through a house where a zombie monster is disguised as a granny. 

As the game starts, you will find yourself in a house with a granny who is mentally ill. You got 5 days to find a way to escape from the house without being caught. You need to explore every corner of the house to know the hidden secrets. These mysteries will help you in escaping, only if you solve them. 

Don’t make any noise while moving. Although the granny is blind, she can catch you by sensing your movement. The minute you get caught; the game will be over. Another thing you can do is to immediately hide somewhere to get yourself safe. Download Granny mod apk and see if you can survive or not. Do you want to get out safe and sound, or do you want to surrender to your fate? Remember, your death by granny’s hand will not be an easy one. So, make your way and escape. 

Features of granny mod apk:

Granny apk mod has the following features:

  • You will find many keys in the house i.e., Master Key, Special Key, Safe Key, etc. Use them to unlock the doors and open rooms one by one.
  • There are new spiders added in the latest version.
  • New nightmare music and chases have been added as well.
  • Hide anywhere i.e., under the bed, in cupboards, etc., to save yourself from being caught.
  • You can now escape from the front door.
  • The game has very simple controls.
  • The game’s graphics are good and scary music is well matched.
  • You don’t have to copy anyone. Use your tricks to escape.
  • It’s the best horror game to date. The number of downloads and reviews is proof.
  • You can adjust the level of difficulty.

Granny Outwitt mod apk download and have a good time playing this scary game. 

Graphics and Sound Quality:

You can get immersed in the simple yet amazing horror experience. The horror environment is well-designed, and it can scare you. The scary graphics are well-appreciated by everyone. Don’t play it if you can’t bear it.

The sound effects are well-matched with the situations. The sudden music when granny approaches you is terrific. Anybody can get scared easily. So, hold your heartbeat while playing it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these horror graphics and sounds have contributed well to the success of this game.

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No Ads:

It’s understandable if in-game advertisements bother you. Because this is the primary source of dissatisfaction for all of the players. Advertisements pop up frequently in the game, causing it to become unplayable. We came up with a feasible solution. Granny apk is a mod that allows gamers to play without being interrupted by advertisements. You may now focus solely on the game.

God Mode

Every time you make a noise, the granny will approach you by sensing the movement and the game may end. The granny may damage your health bar and you might lose as a result. But with Granny hack apk download, you can now remain undetected. The granny wouldn’t be able to reach you and you can easily escape from the house. Even if she catches you, it will not affect the health bar and you will remain alive. Isn’t that amazing?


The gameplay is horror. You will be in a house where you will solve mysteries and puzzles to escape from the house. You got 5 days to do so. A granny lives in that house who is not a loving one. She will kill you if she reaches you. You will find different objects for your defense against granny such as a hammer, shotgun, crossbow, etc. The house has 5 floors. Escape from the front door by clearing the obstacles. The other way is to escape from the garage, where there is a car parked. You will have to repair it and find its engine parts and gasoline.

If you get caught, hide under beds or in a cupboard because the granny is blind and your life may prolong. But still, you aren’t safe. The granny may catch you. If it happens then attack her by shooting with a shotgun, by using a crossbow, or by trapping her in a sauna for a short period. She can hit you with a baseball bat which will end your day. You may get run over by the car in the garage, the head might get chopped off. Also, you can get hurt if you fall from an unstable floor.

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Additional information:

  • Game Name: Granny
  • Version:1.7.9
  • Size: 99 MB
  • Updated on: 20Jan2021
  • Downloads: 100M+
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Developer: DVloper
  • Released on:24 Nov 2017

Download Granny mod apk Latest Version 2021 (Unlimited Everything)

Granny mod apk, a horror game offered by DVloper has crossed a whooping milestone of 100 million downloads. You need to get out of a house where a creepy granny lives. At the start, you will find yourself lying on a bed. The room looks terrible and the house as well. You have to get out safely but the granny is the real problem. She will make every effort to stop you from going out. She wants to kill you. Now, everything is dependent on you. Without making noise, escape from the house. Otherwise, you may get trapped there for life. Download the Granny mod apk and make your story of survival. The below-mentioned steps will help you to download the game:

How to install the Granny mod apk?

  • To download the mod file, use the above mentioned URL.
  • Select “download from unknown sources” from the drop-down box.
  • Next, select the “Install” option.
  • Two options “Open, Done” will be visible after installation
  • If you want to play right away, click open. If you wish to play afterward, click done.
  • Have a blast!!


Is this game free to download?

Yes, this game is free to download. Even though this game offers epic features, it is yet free to download. Isn’t it the best thing?

Is it safe to install granny mod apk?

This game is safe to install on your device. We assure you that there is no threat of any virus damaging your device. There is no need to worry. Sit back and enjoy the game.

What should I download this mod version of the game?

This mod offers an ad-free experience to you. You will get all premium features unlock as well, without spending money. Moreover, you can enjoy the God Mode where the granny wouldn’t be able to harm you and you can escape easily.

Can I update the Granny Outwitt Mod App Apk from the Play Store?

Yes you can update the game whenever you want to do it.


Granny mod menu apk offers intense and terrific gameplay to the players. Due to its amazing graphics and horror sound effects, millions of players are attracting to this game. The game is addictive and you can easily get immersed in its epic storyline. Our mod offers you everything for free. You will have an ad-free gameplay experience. You will get everything without spending money. That’s why your main goal should be escaping from the house. This is possible only if you focus on the game and avoid making any noise. Otherwise, you will trap. Granny mod download and experience this horror gameplay and share your views. If you enjoyed it then don’t forget to recommend it to your friends and family. But make sure a faint-hearted person doesn’t play this game.

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