Kingdom Rush mod apk latest version 2022 (Unlimited Money)

We understand that it is not easy to find a perfect game that’s a source of quality time pass. It is difficult to find such a game that gives you joy after hours of hectic work. That’s why today we bring you a game that offers you exciting gameplay. The name is Kingdom Rush mod apk. The combo of strategy and action makes it a were addictive game, and you will not even realize that how time passed. 

The gameplay wants you to defend the tower of your kingdom. You will be participating in many humans versus monsters battles. The game starts when the opponents had burned down the villages, robbed warehouses, and took people to prison. They have come close to victory. In the meantime, you will fight back to refrain them from doing so. With the help of specialized archers and swordsmen, you will overcome the beasts. There is nothing you should think about except victory. If you want to explore more of this game then download the kingdom Rush mod apk and enjoy the epic in-game action. See if you will be able to save your kingdom. 


Kingdom Rush mod has the following features:

  • There will be 8 upgrades for towers. It will help you to form a better strategy to defend it.
  • The towers will have more than 18 capabilities.
  • You will select one character from the 9 available heroes. Each of them has specialized skills.
  • You will make a team of archers and swordsmen and defend and attack the enemy.
  • You will face more than 50 different enemies. From elves to demons, all of them will have different skills.
  • You can play the game in offline mode as well.
  • Several game modes are present. They will help you to enhance to strategy skills and easily defeat the enemy.
  • Participate and get more than 60 achievements. For every achievement, you will get aster eggs.
  • The game offers HD 3D graphics with excellent sound quality.

Download the Kingdom Rush mod and have a captivating time. 

Graphics and Sound Quality:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the HD 3D graphics of the game have contributed to the success of this game. The players are seen admiring the vivid and sharp graphics. It can easily grab anyone’s attention. And then players don’t have any other option than downloading this game. The game shows the medieval era. Everything has been designed regarding that era. The giant castles, the vivid battlegrounds, everything has been shown perfectly. Even the small things in the game have been given great attention.

If we talk about background music, it can be rightly said that music has also been given the same attention as graphics. Both these things have made this game a perfect piece of joy. You will find yourselves immersed in the game. Don’t believe it? Download the game to experience it then.

No Ads:

It’s understandable if in-game advertising irritates you. Because it is a source of great discontent. In-game advertisements appear often, interfering with gameplay. We’ve come up with the perfect solution. Kingdom Rush apk is a mod that prevents advertisements from interrupting gameplay. You are now free to restore your focus to your game.

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Unlimited Diamonds

It is necessary to have enough diamonds to upgrade your castles. Moreover, they are also required to purchase different items and unlock things. The players have to spend money to buy diamonds first. But we know, everyone cannot afford to spend money on games. To facilitate you guys, our mod Kingdom Rush unlimited diamonds apk offers you a limitless number of diamonds, and that too free of cost. You no longer have to worry about diamonds. Just make the necessary up-gradation and purchase items without any worries.


Kingdom Rush mod apk is a strategy-plus-action game where tower defense is the main job. The enemy can attack from anywhere. You have to make towers to defend yourself and attack the opponent. There are several types of towers that you can build with the help of in-game currency. Some of them are infantry, crossbow, protective, etc. You will have a force of soldiers with you as well. The towers need to be upgraded with diamonds. Before all this defending thing, you will have to select a character for yourself. Choose wisely as every character has a specialized set of skills. You will complete several missions and fight against a variety of monsters. In the end, you will face the king of demons. 

The game map is very large. But don’t worry, the enemy usually attack from the main sides. There will be fixed positions on the map where you will be allowed to build your tower. The game initially offers four types of towers. The rest of them can be unlocked with money. Every tower has a defensive point. Remember, don’t let the monster pass that defensive point, otherwise, you will lose the game and you have to start from the beginning. 

The game offers offline mode in addition to online mode. It means you can still enjoy the game if you don’t have an internet connection. So, enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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Additional information:

  • Game Name: Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense Game
  • Version: 5.3.11
  • Size: 158 MB
  • Updated on: 05 Oct 2021
  • Downloads: 10 M+
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Developer: Ironhide Games
  • Released on: 15 May 2013

Download Kingdom Rush mod apk Latest Version 2021 (Unlimited Everything)

Kingdom Rush mod apk is an immensely popular action game offered by Ironhide Games. it has more than 10 million downloads. You as the ruler of your kingdom will protect it from the invasion of enemies. You can do so by building different towers at the different specified locations. So, make a strong defending and attacking strategy to overcome the enemy. Choose your favorite character. Make the necessary up-gradation. Download Kingdom Rush mod apk and enter the world of the medieval era. See if you can save your kingdom from the invading monsters. The below-mentioned steps will help you to download the game:

How to install the Kingdom Rush mod apk?

  • The mod file can be downloaded from the above-mentioned URL.
  • From the drop-down box, select “download from unknown sources.”
  • Then, from the drop-down option, choose “Install.”
  • You will be offered two options after the installation is complete: done or open.
  • Click open if you want to play right away. Click done if you want to play another time.
  • Have a great time!!


Is this game available offline?

Yes, the game is available in offline as well as online mode. Doesn’t matter if you have an internet connection or not. You can still enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. Isn’t it amazing?

Is this game free to download?

Yes, you may play this game for free. Our mod version excels in this area because we exclusively offer free downloadable games to our users.

Is it safe to install?

Yes, this game’s installation is risk-free. In your system, there will be no virus attack. There is no need to be concerned. Simply chill and have fun while playing the game.

What feature this mod has to offer?

The mod offers everything for free. You will get unlimited diamonds without spending a cent. You will experience ad-free gameplay. Moreover, all the premium features will be unlocked. Isn’t that enough?


Kingdom Rush mod apk has been successful in making its position in the gaming world. There are a lot of tower defense games available, but it still it stands out from other game. The game’s story plays an important role in it. Moreover, the simple controls, HD graphics, and superb sound quality make it unique from others. Defending the towers has never been this much fun. Everything is offered to you for free. You will get unlimited everything for free. You have to only focus on saving your kingdom from strong opponents. Download the game Kingdom Rush mod apk and start the fun-filled journey. If you enjoyed it then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Keep on visiting our site to explore many other games.

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