Pakistani All Networks Internet Free Codes 2022

Pakistani All Networks Internet Free Codes, Using Pakistan’s free internet in this way is the most logical, inventive, morally just, and legitimate course of action. Telenor Pakistan and Facebook have officially launched the initiative in Pakistan, making it the eighth nation to do so. Millions of Pakistanis who are currently without internet access are the target audience for Facebook’s programmer.

How to Use Free Internet In Pakistan

Through the Google Play Store app “,” users of Telenor’s 2G and 3G networks will be able to enjoy free website browsing. You might gain unlimited internet access by utilizing this creative effort. But it’s anticipated that other telcos and content providers will soon join Facebook in this endeavor. All Networks Internet Free Codes in Pakistan.

You need to have a Telenor SIM card in order to utilize this service. Get the App for your smartphone or tablet. Go to the website to begin browsing after installing the program on your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

Zong Free Internet

Zong 3G internet can be made available on a mobile device. You are welcome to try it, but we cannot guarantee that it will be successful. A smartphone running Android 4.0 or later, a Zong Prepaid SIM card, and the Psiphon app are required to enjoy the free Zong internet service. All Networks Internet Free Codes in Pakistan.

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How to Get Zong Free Internet

  • First, text “CFD” to 6464 after entering it in the message field.
  • Create an APN with the word “Zongwap” in it.
  • On your phone, download and install Psiphon 3.

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s top data provider, has revamped its self-care app and introduced a fantastic “Free 4GB Data” deal for new app users.

GSM and Mobile Broadband subscribers can use the My ZongApp, which has more than 6 million downloads and puts user convenience first.

Thanks to a recent app upgrade, users can now instantly access all the tools they require to manage their Zong accounts from their phones. The My Zong App allows users to manage multiple Zong numbers, check their balance, recharge, and apply for a loan.

Smartphones running iOS and Android may quickly order Zong 4G’s handsets and MBB devices using the “My Zong App.” Customers of Mobile Broadband can access their Child and Master Numbers via the App for further convenience. All Networks Internet Free Codes in Pakistan.

My Zong App is Free on the Internet

Another new user-friendly component of the revised “My Zong App” is a widget. It gives real-time data, phone, and SMS use information, allowing users of the platform to know how much of those resources they still have available. It can be added to Android home screens.

Customers can use the customer survey option to provide their thoughts on the service they received. The fact that this feature provides clients with feedback in real-time is one of its key benefits.

Zong 4G, which has an excellent reputation for customer service, focuses a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. There is no doubt that Pakistan’s No. 1 Data Network constantly innovates in order to offer its customers cutting-edge digital solutions to meet their shifting needs. Internet Pakistani All Networks free code.

Telenor Free Internet

If you’re not happy using 17 different websites for free (in an ethical and legal manner), that’s a terrific offer.

On the Telenor SIM card, any name can be used, but in order to get a free internet connection, your APN name needs to be most and your proxy needs to be set to


To accomplish this, make it the default setting and make it accessible in all programs. You do not need to use any MBs to access the free internet. You can get additional information by calling *999#.

The internet is free to be used! If you’re looking for muft ka internet, we can still help. is the ideal response, then! Thank you for visiting our website!

Jazz Free Internet (Mobilink)

The Jazz Internet plan was more reasonable and competitively priced than 3G among other Pakistani network providers until PTA initiated the competition. In the end, Jazz won the battle.

50 million individuals use Jazz and Warid together. All save the very few people who desire to use this technology to get a faster and better internet connection. The bundles provided by this company, on the other hand, are similarly pricey and essentially useless. For the Mobilink Jazz free Internet code to function, we have provided comprehensive instructions based on true information. Free Internet Code from Jazz and Zong for 2022.

Free Internet Code Jazz (Mobilink)

Mobilink Jazz is one of the leading 3G and 4G service providers in Pakistan. Jazz has options for weekly, daily, and monthly Internet services. Due to its excellent, speedy internet and bundles, Mobilink Jazz has a big customer following.

The Jazz free internet access code is *117*72*3#. Call this number for ten days to get 500 megabytes of data for free. It’s easy to get Jazz Free MBs by just following the directions below.

  • Activate the dial pad on your smartphone.
  • To get a free Jazz MB, dial *117*72*3# on your phone.
  • There will be a pop-up window with the notification in it.
  • If you are eligible for this offer, you will receive 500 MBs.
  • For the next 10 days, you’ll enjoy limitless access to the internet.

Ufone offers free Internet

The free Internet Data promos offered by the corporation are also available to Ufone customers. The sections that follow have more information on how to get free internet data. To get 1 GB of free internet, download the My Ufone app. Download the My Ufone App and sign up right away to receive this incredible offer and many more advantages. Additionally, the App’s features are often free to use.

New customers will get 1GB of data for free when they download the Ufone app for the first time. A range of subjects will be examined throughout the course of the next two weeks. You need to buy a smartphone, download the required software, and set it up. Access using your mobile devices.

Additionally, all you need to do to start using the App is enter your Ufone phone number when it first launches. After signing up, you’ll receive a message informing you of the free internet data offer. After signing up for the first week, you will receive 500 MB of free bandwidth that you can use however you see fit. In all, 500 MB over the following seven days. A total of 14 days will be given to you to use 1GB of data. With the Ufone My App, you can easily access all of your phone and internet services. Discounts are also available on a wide range of products, including lodging, malls, and more.

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