Zombie Defense MOD APK 2022 v12.8.8 Unlimited Money

Are you looking for a thrilling game that includes defense strategy as well? If yes, then congratulations, you are at the right place. We are introducing you to a zombie game where you will have to defend the tower. The game is named Zombie Defense mod apk. You will be the leader of all the survivors who the virus has not infected. The hoards of undead creatures will attack the tower. You have to create a sensible strategy and appoint people in the right place to beat the enemy. You will nominate fighters at each unit and equip them with weapons. 

App NameZombie Defense MOD APK
PublisherHome Net Games
Size55 MB
Android Requirements4.4 and up
Content RatingTeen • Violence, Blood
Latest Version1.3.3
 MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Get it OnPlay Store

The zombies are the cause of restlessness in the world. They will continuously attack. Be ready to engage in dangerous survival battles. Keep your weapons upgraded. You can upgrade them with the money you get after completing missions. And, you can see a variety of weapons available, i.e., bulldozers, grenades, armors, etc. You will face a variety of zombies that might be crawling or even flying.

Zombie Defense MOD APK Cover
Zombie Defense MOD APK Cover

The graphics of the game are good. If you want to start this journey of survival in this chaotic world, download the Zombie Defense mod apk. Play to see if you get the skills of a survivor. You can also download now Injustice: Gods Among Us MOD APK from our website.


Download zombie defense mod apk as it has the following intense features:

  • There are a total of 46 missions available. Each mission will be more challenging than before.
  • Every mission has 4 difficulty modes, i.e., regular, nightmare, three-person challenge, TV challenge.
  • You are allowed to have 22 types of recruits.
  • You can upgrade 150 weapons and other equipment permanently.
  • There will be eight types of zombies, i.e., clumsy individuals, crawling horrors, flying hunters.
  • To add extra action to the game, you will also fight against two zombie bosses.
  • Besides the walking zombies, you will see zombie birds too.
  • The zombies may try to trap you. Make a more sensible trap for them.
  • Various weapons are available such as trusty, deadly shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.
  • Turn the zombies into pink jelly by using high explosives.
  • Use Molotov cocktails to put the zombies on fire.
  • Crush the zombies bypassing heavy vehicles over them.
  • Do airstrikes attack to set a halt on the hordes of zombies.
  • You can recruit, upgrade, and trade the soldiers in real-time.
  • The game offers a variety of modes to help you give more entertainment.
  • You can play every mission, as many times as you want. It will help you to better your stats and earn more money.
  • Everything is shown in 3D.
  • Complete the missions and see your name on the top of the leaderboard.
  • The game will update free of cost and provide you with more tasks and upgrades.

Download zombie defense mod apk game and have a good time. 

Graphics and Sound Quality

The game offers 3D graphics. The surroundings, buildings, towers, everything is shown in 3D. The game’s characters may not be modern, but still, they look good enough. The zombies look creepy. The spilling blood looks real. The game’s graphics can easily divert anyone’s attention. So, play this game only if you want to get addicted to it. 

Graphics and Sound Quality
Graphics and Sound Quality

The music of the sound is brilliant. The sound of hoards of zombies attacking and the sound of weapons, everything is excellent. Download to experience it yourself.

No Ads

No Ads
No Ads

It’s understandable if you’re annoyed with in-game adverts. Because this is the most common source of unhappiness among all users. Advertisements frequently appear in the game, making it unplayable. We devised a viable solution. The Zombie Defense apk is a mod that prevents players from being distracted by adverts while playing the game. You can now concentrate entirely on the game.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Money

In the Zombie Defense apk, upgrading your weapons, troops, and vehicle is necessary. To upgrade all these, a handsome amount of money is required. The money you get after completing missions is not enough to upgrade items rapidly. But we want you to wipe out enemies with the upgraded items. That’s why Zombie Defense unlimited money mod offers you an infinite amount of money to make all the necessary upgrades. Haven’t we put a full stop to your worries? You can also check now Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK from our website.


The game offers a total of 40 missions to its users. With each completed mission, the next mission will become more challenging. The number of zombies coming to attack will also increase. So you have to adopt a strategy and recruit more soldiers at units to stop enemies’ attacks. You can train your fighter as well. You can have 150 upgraded items ranging from tesla towers to laser guns and many more things for your convenience. The game offers a variety of challenging modes discussed below:

  • Regular Mode: You will find yourself in a ruined city in this mode. The blue and yellow circles on the map will help you quickly organize your army and get ready for the battle.
  • Nightmare Mode: The zombies keep on coming and have more health. You need to quickly gather your army and upgrade your armaments to save yourself. 
  • 3-Man Challenge Mode: In this mode, you can send three soldiers to fight against the enemy at once. You can combine your weapons to make them more deadly. If you use the wrong combination of firearms, you may lose. 
  • TV Challenge: This is a very unique and exciting mode. As a commander, you will protect yourself and the TV reporter. The reporter is capturing pictures of a horrific battle taking place. As soon as the reporter gets killed, the game will be over.

Download Zombie Defense MOD APK Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Money)

Download Zombie Defense MOD APK Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Money)
Download Zombie Defense MOD APK Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Defense mod is an addictive action zombie game offered by Home Net Games. It has crossed 10 million downloads. The game revolves around the story of how zombies have attacked everywhere. You are in a base with some other survivors. Now zombies are attacking the tower. Save yourself by attacking back using the soldiers and weapons. Don’t show any mercy to these undead creatures. What are you waiting for then? Download Zombie Defense mod apk and fight for your survival at any cost. The below-mentioned steps will help you to download the game:

How to Download and Install Zombie Defense MOD APK?

  • The link given above will let you download the mod file.
  • Click the option “download from unknown sources.”
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • Following this, click on the “Install” button in the drop-down menu.
App Installing
App Installing
  • Two options can be seen after the installation process: done or open.
App Installed
App Installed
  • Click open if you want to play right away. Click done if you’re going to play another time.
  • Enjoy!!!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is zombie defense mod game free to download?

Yes, this game is available for free. Despite its incredible features, the game is still available for free download. Isn’t it the most wonderful thing you’ve seen so far?

Is it safe to install?

It is safe to install this game on your devices. Your device will be safe from any kind of virus, we assure it. There’s nothing to be concerned about. Relax and enjoy the game.

What should I download this mod version of the game?

This mod provides an unlimited amount of in-game money, which can upgrade various items. They can be seen on the game’s dashboard. Furthermore, you will not be disturbed by ads while playing. You’ll also have access to all premium features without having to pay anything.


Zombie Defense mod apk is a complete source of entertainment for everyone. You will experience epic gameplay with unique and challenging modes. The graphics and sound system also provide sheer enjoyment. The up-gradation of weapons allows unlocking new combat units. Our mod has provided everything for free. There is no need to spend a cent even. There shouldn’t be any excuse not to install this game. Start playing and see how long you can survive against deadly zombies. Today, download the Zombie Defense mod apk and enjoy the awesome gameplay. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about it if you like it. Regularly visit our website to learn about new and exciting games.

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